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“Melania Trump’s Christmas Tree of Lights is a Disturbance of the Peace”!

The Christmas tree in the White House was a subject of controversy among many who felt it was a disrespectful gesture to the Christian community. The tree is being used as an example of how the Trump administration is going against what Americans traditionally believe and celebrate. The Christmas Tree of Lights, which was put […]

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How to Find the Perfect Husband!

It’s difficult to find a husband but it is not impossible. This article offers some tips on how to find the perfect husband. The article offers advice on how to see potential in your partner. It talks about the importance of understanding what you want from a partner and having realistic expectations. The article also

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Wedding Shoes 2020

On another Wednesday in’ socially distanced work from home is it Netflix time Isolation’—- it’s wedding shoes 2020 day! Shoe lovers unite! ✨?? It’s always fun to see what any Bride Du Jour has selected for her wedding day footwear! Once upon a time in a land far far away brides wore white shoes in

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Summer Bridal Book Club

Summer 2020 may not look like a typical summer by a long shot, but what has stayed the same is summer reading! If you’re looking for a great wedding themed summer book, join our Summer Bridal Book Club! We like to think there’s something for everyone! Some new, some new-ish, and a couple classics, we

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Paris Chic Wedding- Houston Style

Houston Wedding Photographer Daria Radcliff shares this beautiful wedding with a deep green color theme for a Paris Chic Wedding- Houston Style! Enjoy! With a touch of Paris Chic, Stephanie and Steven Novotny got married at one of the most beautiful venues Houston has to offer: the McGovern Centennial Gardens, in Houston, TX. The weather

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