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Pack Your Wedding Reception Dance Floor

When it comes to most wedding receptions, the Fun Goal is always how to Pack Your Wedding Reception Dance Floor. Every bride and groom want their celebration to be FUN for everyone, and having a packed dance floor is one sure sign of a great time. —– But, Not EVERY time of course! (This post written in the time of Covid-19)

AND noteworthy in this time of COVID-19 is that a packed anything is not really a great idea, right?

SO, we bring you some ideas for ‘packing’ (relatively speaking) your wedding reception dance floor……. now, or later!

Dance floor fun of any size doesn’t just happen but takes careful planning — beginning with selecting a GREAT wedding day team. As with every quality wedding professional, DJ’s book up quickly and you don’t want to be left with less than your top choice! 

Even in the time of social distancing, there’s no bigger buzz kill at a wedding than an empty dance floor. Ideally, you want your guests to be up and on their feet and grooving to the sound of the music all night long. So how do you get the party started and keep it going then (which is the hard part, of course)? And, how do you do it NOW in this time of Covid-19???

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First and foremost, connect with your local government for rules as to how many people can gather—– and their social distancing rules. No need to get shut down! Obey these rules and make sure that all of your guests understand as well. Discuss with your venue whether or not you need waivers for your celebration.

Listen to your DJ

While asking your guests for song requests and giving your DJ some general guidance is great, please don’t turn him or her into a human iPod by listing out every single jam under the sun you’d like played. Your DJ knows the rules, and they know how to make a great party happen within those parameters. Keep an open communication.

Create a floor plan conducive to dancing (aka maybe not totally Pack your Wedding Reception Dance Floor)

Couples are often worried that their dance floor will be too small, but especially now, you need to make sure that your dance floor is large enough to meet the standards for social distancing that will be in place on your wedding date. Your wedding planner, venue and DJ can help with this.

First “everyone” Dance Sets the Tone

Once your first dance is over, and any parent dances, it’s time to open up the dance floor. Your DJ will likely (and should) make any ‘rules’ announcements. Choose that first song played to set the tone for your reception—– make that song energy building— and let your guests know that it’s time to dance! Another smart move is to have your DJ invite your guests to join you midway through your first dance, then transition the music into an upbeat song immediately afterward to keep everyone from going back to their seats.

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Play to Your Crowd

Make your music picks from a variety of generations! You know your crowd, play their favorites but don’t cut out other generations or genres of music. Your DJ will know what the Tried and True hits are and can suggest them, as well as when to play them.

Engage Your Guests

Your DJ or MC can involve your guests, getting more interactive without being too cheesy! Trust your professionals to get the party moving and keep it that way. As always, this is why you hire professionals!

Consider Timing!

Your wedding planner, photographer, or other pros can guide you as to the best flow of your day. For example, you don’t want to clear the dance floor in the middle of a great party to do your cake cutting!

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Your guests take cues from you so, last but certainly not least, make sure you’re out ton the floor together, keeping your distance as required, and having fun! No one can resist a smiling bride and groom on the dance floor. People might have some fear about dance floors right now, so please

Can you still have fun while keeping your distance on the dance floor? Absolutely! Does it take a little more effort—- yes, probably.


  1. Alcohol makes it harder to keep the rules in place and your DJ or wedding pro’s shouldn’t have to police your crowd. You will have more peace of mind if you have someone who’s job is to handle any of the Covid rules and regulations that need to be followed. You don’t want to have to be the meanie!
  2. Plan carefully according to your venue’s suggestions.
  3. Educate your guests. It is not out of line to make sure they all know what is expected.
  4. Most important is to tell your friends and family that you want to include them in your special day, even if you have to have a few rules in place.

The idea of a crazy wild, packed dance floor might be different right now. But your vendors want you to have the most wonderful wedding possible! By working with everyone on your team you can rest assured that you’ve done everything possible to celebrate the most important thing—- you’re marrying your best friend!