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Things To Look For In Your Wedding Photographer

Choosing your wedding photographer is one of the hardest decisions as you plan your wedding—– hands down! We’d like to help with a brief chat about Things to Look for in Choosing Your Wedding Photographer!

All wedding planning decisions are difficult and there are usually many choices in every category, we can’t tell you absolutely how to choose your wedding cake (other than our very favorite flavor of course!), but from our experienced viewpoint, we can help you choose the photographer who will be tasked with documenting your wedding day for you, as well as for future generations!

1.  When looking at a photographers photos, can you see yourself in them?

2. As a couple, are you more about posed photos or candid moments? Or a combo of both?

Party of Two Photography

3. Are the photos you see a style that you like? (Extra-light, extra-dark, etc., and is that how you want your wedding photos to look? 10 years from now you want your photos to be classic and not a photo editing trend. I’m the kind of photographer who keeps the photos true to the day.

4. Do you see actual weddings or styled shoots? (Be sure to ask if you can see a full wedding gallery that shows the beginning to the end of a day)

5. Look for someone who is willing to talk to you in voice, and knows how to listen to your vision, so that you can hear their enthusiasm about weddings and the craft of photography.

6. Ask friends and family for their recommendations and reach out to those photographers.

Party of Two Photography

After all, your wedding photos should represent YOU—it’s not about your photographer!

We want your wedding to reflect the two of you, make you happy from the first plans to the I Do’s………………. and be as easy as possible while respecting your wedding budget. You shouldn’t strive to make your wedding ‘perfect’ but to make it organized, happy, as stress-free as possible, and all about you as a couple.