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Wedding Shoes 2020

On another Wednesday in’ socially distanced work from home is it Netflix time Isolation’—- it’s wedding shoes 2020 day!

Shoe lovers unite! ✨??

Badgley Mishka

It’s always fun to see what any Bride Du Jour has selected for her wedding day footwear! Once upon a time in a land far far away brides wore white shoes in satin or peau d’soie, sometimes dyed (or overdyed) white and sometimes not. But make no mistake, they wore white shoes. Not too tall, not too short, not too shiny, and probably with those little mini socks- “peds”. But we digress.

Today’s bride is likely not to have a ‘standard’ white pump….. the shoe may be white or off-white but it’s a sandal, a stiletto, a wedge or something in between usually with lots of sparkle and shine. Around or about 2003 the trend turned to a bright shoe that matched the wedding colors, say a turquoise blue pump— usually with a killer heel. You’ll still see a bright shoe today but you’re just as likely to see a pair of Chucks, a Cowboy Boot, flip flops (for our beach girls), or just about anything. The truth remains that anything goes and there doesn’t seem to be a rule between the shoe and the gown. Or maybe, just maybe she’s lucky enough to wear a $695 pair of red soled white Louboutin’s!

Christian Louboutin

Who doesn’t love a Jimmy Choo? No matter which shoe you end up with some practical shoe rules will get you started:

Is this the shoe that says YOU? Don’t # at me but the shoe below, from Bella Belle just might be my favorite wedding shoe of 2020—- and I’ve seen a lot of shoes!

Bella Belle

Don’t skimp on the shoe size, you might want to do as some shoe experts have suggested and go up a half to a full size, using pads when you first put the shoe on. In this way you’ll have some flex when your feet swell during the day. A shoe-spert will best help you with this.

While it’s tempting, don’t spend more than you ‘should’. I can’t believe we even have to say this! ?

If you’re going outside for photos, bring a spare to slip into– Save The Shoes. (That means not another expensive pair of shoes, a pair of shoes you won’t mind getting trashed but aren’t exactly ugly!)

Kate Spade NY Chanpion Glitter Sneakers
Mrs. Sneaker, Etsy

“Sometimes comfort doesn’t matter. When a shoe is freakin’ fabulous, it may be worth a subsequent day of misery. Soak in Epsom salts and take comfort in the fact that you’re better than everyone else.” – Clinton Kelly

Bella Belle

From Jimmy to Manolo to Vera…. and everything in between! Shoes to be worn on a wedding day are perhaps more personal than the wedding dress itself!

Jimmy Choo

“For women, shoes are the most important.

Good shoes take you good places.”

 Seo Min Hyun

Ugg Bridal Collection? It’s vintage, so maybe it’s finally chic?

The Bridal Ugg Collection

While the overriding truth is you should get the shoes you love…… that fit in your budget of course ?…… a bride needs to have a backup pair in case they rub blisters or cause such pain that the going down the aisle shoes need to be swapped out. Your swap out (or dancing) shoes should have a lower heel if possible and perhaps backless in case you’ve sprouted some blisters from a day of bride-ing! If the heel is much lower than the shoes you tried on with your dress, expect some issues that you’ll need to address sooner than later. Sometimes when the dress is bustled it becomes shorter— but not always. Try it on first!

Rachel Zoe
  • Bring a spare pair
  • Scuff up the bottoms so they aren’t slick neck breakers
  • Try to wear them a bit so they are more comfortable
  • Ask about spraying them with a coat of water and stain repellant
  • Try them on with and without foam pads or inserts to see if that might make your feet happier
Badgley Mischka

From the of course you’ll have to have these category…….

Personal comment withheld ?

We’ll close todays’ gathering of wedding shoe lovers (and in fact shoe lovers of all kinds) with my second favorite pair —- again, Bella Belle, I sense a trend here!

Bella Belle

What shoes will YOU be wearing on your wedding day?